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Could you please thank Dr. Wat for me? First of all, she did a great job on my filling. Secondly, that she took the time to explain (and even made a diagram) of my tooth, the decay, the filling, the root – what could happen, etc.

The good news is I am not in pain – at all. But I appreciate that she took the time to prepare me that I might experience pain, and why. Previous dentists did not do this, and I have had a couple of instances of sensitivity and discomfort long after a filling. If the dentist had explained that it might happen and why, I would not have worried as much.

So thank you, Dr. Wat. The assistant and hygienist are wonderful too – patient and gentle. You make a great team and I’m happy to be a customer now!

Best regards,
- Vera P.

Imagine making a "shopping list" of what you'd like to experience when you visit your dentist's office: --a dentist who has an incredible, up-to-date, knowledge of procedures and practice. A dentist who actually cares about the patient's dental wellness, "trouble-shoots," and shares a joke and a smile!

--an office manager who greets you warmly on the coldest, wettest, dreariest days (not just the sunny ones!) and keeps records, appointment dates, everything, efficiently.

--staff members who ask and then act upon your dental needs: no worries about reminding them of sensitive teeth every time you go. They remember and take appropriate action. Every time.

--a bright, inviting space with the latest equipment. When we go to the office, we know from our updated surroundings that we are with professionals who care about easing any anxiety a patient may have--and we appreciate it.

That's the list-- we can tick off every item when we visit Dr. Lisa Wat's office. And believe us, when we're preparing for the next crown appointment, every item becomes ever so important!

- Linda G. and Cal S., Toronto

"I have been a patient of Dr. Wat for over 4 years. Prior to my arrival my teeth were in bad shape and getting worse with every passing year. Thanks to her expert care within a year she put an end to the constant, reoccurring dental issues I was experiencing. Her manner is professional but still approachable and, despite the relatively invasive nature of my treatment, I hardly felt any discomfort during any of my procedures. The rest of her staff is wonderful and I have recommended Dr. Wat to all my friends and family."

- Chad E.

My wife and I are retired and live in a small town called Brighton about one and a half hours from Toronto. We have been Dr. Wat’s patients since 2004. We would never consider having another dentist look after us. Dr. Wat is a special person. We feel priviledged to be under the care of such a fine, competent professional. Having Dr. Wat look after us is well worth the commute.

- Ron & Cheryl Q. Brighton, Ontario

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