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Infection control in our office is very important to us. To protect you and ourselves, we take pride in maintaining extensive sterilization and infection control procedures.
We use disposable masks and gloves, and barrier techniques that are changed for every patient.
All instruments are sterilized for each individual patient.
Our equipment is wiped down with an antibacterial solution prior to every treatment procedure.
Water lines and evacuation hoses are cleaned with the proper disinfectant.
You can be assured that our staff has been trained on sterilization procedures and their importance.

some of the technology we use to keep you safe.

1.Hydrim G4 Instrument Washer

Hydrim G4 Instrument Washer

The Hydrim G4 cleans and dries our instruments before the sterilization process. This way, our instruments are clean from the debris which might hinder the sterilization process.

W&H Lexa Autoclave-Photoroom.png-Photoroom

W&H Lexa

This sterilization device helps ensure every single instrument we are using is perfectly sterile.

Rigourous commitment to these infection protection and control protocols is the cornerstone to a safe dental practice. Our Toronto dentist, is committed to following all mandated infection prevention protocols set out in the College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario’s Infection Prevention and Control Standards and Risk Management for Dentistry as well as universal infection control procedures.

If you have any questions or concerns about our infection prevention and control protocols, call our office today and one of our helpful team members would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Bloor West Dentistry implements strict infection control protocols and utilizes sterilized equipment for your peace of mind. Call 416-763-1283 to learn more!
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